Who We Are

LAPCOS is a fast paced beauty brand born in South Korea, where we are an established market leader and disruptor. Since 2017, we have become a key player within the US as well, thanks to our uncompromising devotion to quality, innovation and accessibility. 

Our mission is to create the beauty essentials, from A to Z, to take you from morning to night, conference room to cocktail bar and everywhere in between. We also aim to help you experiment with the many layers, personalities, and looks that make you, you, through the inherent creativity of beauty.

What We Do 

In today’s increasingly experimental beauty culture, there are a dizzying amount of options; so many that it can be hard to know where to begin, or what to trust on your journey of exploration. Our mission is to create the luxury-quality skin health essentials, so that you have the freedom to try all of the top industry trends and innovations. LAPCOS utilizes only the finest technologies and ingredients to create our wide breadth of nourishing skin care formulas, offering the beauty curious a one-stop destination to play, experiment and discover what makes them feel the most beautiful.

Our Product Line’s Promise

Discovery is at the heart of our product line. It is what inspires us to continuously innovate, based on the most exciting trends and proven efficacies available. We offer luxury quality skin care, body care and hair care at an accessible price point in order to cater to the needs, looks and desires of all beauty enthusiasts and experimenters.

Across categories, our lines harness the high performance ingredients and technologies that have made Korean beauty the media darling and industry trendsetter that it is today. We do so while maintaining affordability, because we believe that beauty is a culture and a practice that should be attainable for all.

Cult-Favorite Sheet Masks

Though our product line features bestsellers across a myriad of skin care categories, at LAPCOS we are arguably best known and beloved for our sheet masks, which are always cruelty-, paraben- and sulfate-free. In a crowded and oversaturated market, our masks stand apart for their nourishing serums, rich in high performance nutrients, which are uniquely complemented by soothing fabrics. The masks’ materials are specifically handpicked for each to maximize ingredient delivery and absorption. This careful process of curation has made the brand synonymous with face and body masks that hydrate, revitalize, soothe and brighten with the utmost efficacy.